John of Damascus

John of Damascus
   Arab Christian born in Damascus (q.v.) who authored numerous works of theology, philosophy, polemics, history, hymns, and hagiography (qq.v.). Of particular importance is his The Source of Knowledge, which attempts a systematic study of all aspects of the Christian faith and dogma. For this he relied on the work of Theodoret of Cyrrhus (q.v.). Much later Thomas Aquinas (q.v.), the great 13th-century theologian of the Catholic church, used John's work as a model for his Summa Theologica. Also of importance is his development of the fundamental theory of icons (q.v.) and their proper veneration. Among John's other works are polemics against Iconoclasm (q.v.) as well as numerous sermons, vitae (q.v.) of saints, and hymns (q.v.). His brother was Kosmas the Hymnographer (q.v.). He died in 749 in the Lavra of St. Sabas (q.v.).

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